Ekapa Drum Reconditioners Pty Ltd. is an ISO 9001certified company and a100% Black owned entity with a BEE rating of 110 % and a level 1 contributor to BEE. The company sources plastic and metal drums from varies industries such as the petrochemical, pharmaceutical companies etc.

Our main function is to recondition and refurbish varies sizes of metal and plastic drums, during the reconditioning process often there are residue of used substances such as used oil etc. Therefore to promote a continuous friendly environment our company holds a waste license certificate issued by the Department of Environmental affairs and furthermore
dispose these with reputable waste companies who afterwards issue us with a certificate of safe disposal. These documents are then filed away for safe keeping. Moreover to that we also belong to varies organisations upholding environmental rules and regulations. Such as SAICRA.

The company takes pride into delivering the best service to our customers not only in its products, but also equipping our staffs with their everyday duties. For example our drivers undergo a course of dangerous goods training. Audits have been conducted on our premises by various state departments and other interested parties, and pride ourselves in saying the results have spoken for themselves.

Our clientele base extends from South African boarders to Namibia and Mauritius. We supply mostly chemical companies, fruit industries who use our drums for storage of preserve fruit to export outside of South Africa, storage of South African wine from Cape Town reputable farmers to also export abroad.

Iscor street Bellville South.
Bellville South
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